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Our Testimonials

I would just like to say that I would recommend the Law Office of Mr. Brad Thomas to anyone in need of a disability lawyer. He and his staff treated me with such kindness and compassion during a very difficult time for me. He returned all of my calls very quickly and his staff was also very quick to help me with any questions I had. I would absolutely rate Brad Thomas’ office a 10! I will always appreciate them!

Linda L.

Brad Thomas is the one to go to for your social security application. They are very personable and professional when talking with. I felt so comfortable talking to Amy. She is awesome, kind and patient. When we would talk and I couldn’t process what she was asking, she was so kind and understanding. They make everything so easy for you during the application process to alleviate any stress on you. I highly recommend them.

TeriandCarlos Harris

He and his secretary were 100% professionals from the day I hired them to the day he won my case. They were always friendly over the phone and seemed to go “far and beyond” to help me with anything I needed.


Brad got my claim finished in record time. I had been denied and this claim was dragging on for years. I got in touch with Brad and within less than a year we were finished.

Larry Konecny

My Disability case won on the first attempt!! Brad and Cindy we’re so professional and caring. A rare combination in this day and time. My case was not taken by several attorneys, but Brad took it on and was user friendly throughout the process. I believe Mr. Thomas will be a blessing to any case he takes on. Thank you, Brad.


Brad Thomas Law Firm is the best! Very professional, prepared and quick to respond. What could have been a long drawn out process flowed smoothly. Works in your favor. Would recommend him to any one needing a disability lawyer.

Kathy Shaw