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San Francisco Bus Accident Lawyer

San Francisco Bus Accident Lawyer  Can Help You Receive Compensation For Bus Accident Injuries

San Francisco Bus Accident Lawyer

A San Francisco bus accident isn't all that uncommon. These accidents can cause potential traumatic brain injuries that could be permanent or, worse, could lead to death. Bus crashes like these are often the result of a bus driver's negligence that could lead to a potential personal injury lawsuit.

If you or a loved one happen to be injured in a bus crash, call a San Francisco bus accident lawyer immediately. Halavanau Law Office, P.C. has a San Francisco bus accident attorney willing to help you recover compensation for your severe injuries by holding the bus driver responsible for their negligence.

Working with a bus accident attorney from Halavanau Law Office in the Bay Area will ensure that the injured bus accident victims can protect their legal rights and receive the maximum amount of compensation available to them. At Halavanau Law Office, we provide aggressive legal representation to ensure our clients can receive justice and compensation they rightfully deserve from those who cause them harm.

By providing trusted and effective legal representation for our clients, we help them move forward from their accidents in the best way possible. If you suffered injuries from a bus accident caused by a negligent driver, contact our San Francisco personal injury attorney at Halavanau Law Office as soon as possible to explore all the legal options available for you.

We Represent A Spectrum Of Bus Accident Cases

San Francisco Bus Accident Cases We Represent

A bus crash can result in serious injuries such as broken bones or brain injuries. Here, at Halavanau Law Office, we can represent bus accident victims to help them pursue compensation from the responsible parties. We handle cases such as:

  • Cases against bus companies
  • Cases against government entities
  • Cases involving drunk bus drivers
  • Public bus accidents
  • Tour bus accidents
  • Cases involving defective bus equipment
  • Cases involving speeding buses

A San Francisco bus accident attorney at Halavanau Law Office can help you seek compensation that you deserve for the injuries sustained during a bus crash. Accidents like these can cause injuries that could be permanent or life-threatening, and they can even cause wrongful deaths.

Factors Leading To Bus Accidents In San Francisco

Common Causes Of Bus Accidents

The most common cause of a San Francisco bus accident is an overfatigued bus driver because they worked for too many hours. Even then, there are still plenty of causes for a bus driver to cause a bus crash, such as:

  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Aggressive driving
  • Driver negligence (running red lights, failing to yield)
  • Improper bus maintenance
  • Faulty or defective bus equipment
  • Unsafe roads

A San Francisco bus driver owes certain duties to their passengers, such as transporting them safely to their destinations. Bus drivers also need to provide enough time for passengers to exit and enter the vehicle safely. A bus driver should especially exercise caution because of carrying multiple people and because of the size of a bus.

San Francisco bus drivers or their employers also owe their passengers and other drivers a duty to prevent harm, including, in some circumstances, passengers attempting to harm other passengers. Lastly, a bus company has a legal obligation to maintain the equipment of all their active vehicles and screen and train their bus drivers. Failure to do so may provide a basis for recovering from injuries caused by such failure.

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Types Of Bus Accidents In San Francisco

Types Of Bus Accidents In San Francisco

A San Francisco bus accident is more common than you might think. There is a long list of the types of accidents involving buses that can happen in San Francisco. However, you'll have to become acquainted with the types of buses to have a clear picture of who is liable for bus accident cases.

Types of Buses in San Francisco

Here are the common types of buses that you can find in San Francisco:

  • Public transportation buses
  • Tour buses
  • Private buses
  • School buses
  • Prison buses
  • Military buses

The type of bus involved in the accident is essential to building a personal injury lawsuit. Cases involving a public transportation bus have different procedures than cases involving a bus owned by a private bus company. Different laws govern the operation and maintenance of these buses, and you should call a San Francisco bus accident attorney to help you learn more.

Types of San Francisco Bus Accidents

Much like how there are different types of buses, there are also different types of accidents involving buses in San Francisco. Here are the typical types of accidents involving buses in San Francisco:

  • Pedestrian accident
  • Car accident
  • Hit and runs
  • Bus driver negligence (reckless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.)
  • Improper bus maintenance
  • Defective bus equipment

Suppose you sustained injuries in a bus accident. In that case, it is well within your legal rights to contact a bus accident attorney to help you seek compensation from the people or entities responsible. Halavanau Law Office, P.C. offers a free case review to evaluate your case.

Common Injuries Resulting From A Bus Accident

Common Injuries In A Bus Accident

A bus accident can cause severe injuries to the bus, passengers, and pedestrians. These injuries can be anything from bruises to broken bones to deaths. Here are the most common injuries sustained during a bus accident:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Back injuries
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Laceration wounds

These injuries can be life-threatening and can even lead to death. If you or a loved one suffered injuries during a bus accident, you should call a San Francisco bus accident lawyer from Halavanau Law Office for a free consultation to evaluate your case.

Who Should Be Liable For Your Bus Accident Injuries?

Who Should Be Liable For Your Bus Accident Injuries

It is someone else's negligence that usually causes a bus accident. It is only natural that you pursue compensation with a personal injury case to help you get back on your feet.

There are many ways for a bus collision or accident to happen, and finding out who is responsible depends on the circumstances of each incident.

A bus crash attorney can help you find the person or entity responsible for the injuries you received during the accident. Here are the three common entities liable for a victim's injuries during a bus crash:

Bus Company
A bus company is responsible for ensuring that its operations, vehicles, and drivers are of a certain level of quality. Private busses must receive proper attention and tune-up. Bus companies can be liable for your injuries if they fail to ensure your safety through improper maintenance or failure to establish proper bus driver training and screening.

Manufacturing Company
Often, it's a defective part of the bus that causes the accident to happen. The bus manufacturer can be held liable for those defective parts.

Government Entities
The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is responsible for public transportation buses. They can be held liable for crashes involving the Muni.

Filing a personal injury claim against the government can be a very arduous legal process and have a short statute of limitations. You can contact a bus accident lawyer from our personal injury law firm to help you deal with this matter.

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Compensation Available To Bus Accident Victims

Damages For Bus Accident Injuries

A bus accident caused by a bus driver's negligence can be traumatizing. The accident could also be life-altering because of high medical bills or lost wages. You should seek out the help of bus accident attorneys to help you obtain compensation and recover from damages. Victims involved in a San Francisco bus accident can seek compensation for the following damages:

  • The costs of all past, current, and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages related due to taking time off work for treatment and appointments
  • Lost earning capacity for victims who are forced out of work indefinitely
  • The costs to repair or replace vehicles
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish or emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Punitive damages (in rare cases)

Your bus accident lawyer can start communicating with the bus company or its insurance company and ensure that you receive compensation for all your damages. If we are unable to negotiate settlements on behalf of victims, we are ready to provide effective and competent legal representation for our clients in court. Contact our bus accident legal team in San Francisco as soon as possible to see how we can help you.

Steps You Should Take After A Bus Accident Accident

The first step you take is to call 911. This is to ensure that all accident victims will be immediately given medical care. Even if there are no apparent injuries, you should still do this because the authority can do an investigation as to what caused the accident and make sure everyone is okay.

Next is you should seek medical attention immediately after a bus crash. Bus crashes can cause severe injuries that can be permanent or life-threatening. Feeling okay right after the accident does not necessarily mean you did not sustain any injuries. Some injuries usually do not appear right away, so it is important to seek medical help to ensure you are safe.

For you to start building your injury claim, you'll need to gather as much evidence as possible. Evidence can include medical bills, police reports, witness statements, and so much more. An attorney can help you with these important tasks.

And most importantly, you should contact an experienced bus crash lawyer to gather even more evidence to make a compelling case. Dealing with major bus companies is not easy since they typically have sophisticated legal teams representing them. Hiring a bus accident attorney is essential for the success of your personal injury claim against these companies.

Why Hire Halavanau Law Office, P.c. For Your Bus Accident Claim?

Handling personal injury claims can be exhausting and tiresome. Halavanau Law Office, P.C. aims to have you fully compensated while doing most of the work for you and diligently represent your interests in and outside of court.

Our knowledgeable bus accident legal team in San Francisco handles each claim with the utmost courtesy and respect. We treat our clients like family and take their needs and thoughts into consideration every step of the way. After scheduling a case evaluation, our team will immediately begin investigating your claim if it is determined that the client has a valid claim to pursue.

The San Francisco personal injury legal team at Halavanau Law Office will gather records and evidence related to your claim. We will reach out to your doctors, physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals you have seen for your injuries and obtain copies of medical records and bills. We will gather documents and information for your insurance company and the insurance companies of the other parties involved in the accident. Having a clearer understanding of your medical needs and the existence of valid insurance will help to determine the course of action in pursuing your claim.

Our team will investigate your accident in great detail. We will gather any dashcam footage, collect security camera footage, police records, and other evidence that provides critical insight into your accident. We will work with experts who can recreate the accident, taking into account speeds, road conditions, and various other factors, to show how the defendant is at fault if we decide to pursue the matter. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing different options to our clients, so they can make educated decisions when faced with the choice of options.

We know how personal injury claims work, and we know that time is of the essence. We can help you pursue a successful recovery of the compensation you deserve while you recover from your injuries.

San Francisco Bus Accident FAQs

Here are the most asked questions in regards to bus crashes in San Francisco:

What Is San Francisco's Statute of Limitations for Bus Accident Claim?

Under California's statute of limitations for San Francisco applicable to accidents involving municipal buses, you only have six months from the date of the crash to file a personal injury claim. When a Muni is involved, you need to undergo specific procedures to file a claim. There is a two-year statute of limitations against private companies.

Laws pertaining to statute of limitations may be complex, thus it is important to discuss your claim with a personal injury attorney shortly after the accident. A San Francisco bus accident lawyer can guide you through these processes and help you file your claim before the deadline. You can contact an experienced attorney from our law firm for a free case evaluation protected by an attorney-client relationship.

How Can a Bus Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Our personal injury team provides a number of legal services to victims to ensure they are able to hold wrongdoers accountable for their actions, so they can maximize their recovery and receive justice. Some of the services we provide for accident victims include:

  • Investigating accidents
  • Gathering evidence and documents pertaining to the collision
  • Working with accident reconstruction experts to recreate the scene of the accident and mechanism of injury
  • Working with financial experts to calculate lost wages and earnings
  • Obtaining copies of police reports
  • Helping victims receive the medical treatment they need
  • Negotiating timely and full compensation for victims
  • Providing effective and trusted legal representation for victims in the courtroom

In cases where victims pass away due to their injuries, the wrongful death legal team at Halavanau Law Office fights aggressively to help families collect the maximum amount of wrongful death benefits available to cover funeral services, burial arrangements, and more. We will make sure that you understand everything that is happening in your case and put our best efforts to pursue a successful outcome in your personal injury claim. Contact our law firm today to see how we can help you.

Is It Okay to Accept a First Settlement Offer?

The amount you receive is vital for paying off medical treatment expenses and ensuring that you can be financially safe to help you get back on your feet. It would be best not to accept the first settlement offer until you have explored all your options.

Accepting the first settlement offer without the advice of a lawyer can lead to accepting the settlement below the value of your claim. You might not obtain the compensation you justly deserve for your recovery.



Halavanau Law Office knows and understands the processes and procedures involved in filing a personal injury claim regarding bus crashes.

Halavanau Law Office helps clients in the San Francisco Bay Area protect their legal rights and get the justice they deserve. Whether you were injured in a bus accident, or your loved one lost their life, as a result of another motorist's actions, our team works diligently to ensure you are in the best physical, mental, and financial position to move forward as a result of the claim process after an unexpected collision.

Our team is available to answer questions for clients throughout the entire duration of their claims and to make sure their legal rights are protected. Contact our San Francisco bus accident lawyer at (415) 494-8535 to see how we can help you. Schedule a free no-obligation case evaluation to discuss legal options available for you.

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