Motorcycle Accident Attorney Naples

Your Injury Law Group is an eminent law firm with a distinguished motorcycle accident attorney in Naples, Robert Trilling. With 35 years of experience, our expert, Robert, specializes in accident cases and has helped several victims see hefty compensation for their injuries and losses.

How to determine liability in motorcycle accidents?

The law of negligence determines liability in motorcycle accidents. The jury may decide if an individual was negligent based on whether they behaved thoughtlessly or carelessly and caused injuries to another person.

The law requires all drivers to be reasonably careful and avoid injury to other motorists, passengers, and pedestrians while on the road. When a driver fails to be careful and causes an accident, that person is liable for injuring the victim. To prove the at-fault party’s negligence, you must prove that the defendant was not careful, causing the accident as a result.

How do you calculate damages in cases of motorcycle accidents?

The damages in a personal injury claim are of two types – Special damages and pain and suffering. Special damages are those that you can calculate objectively. Those that you cannot translate in monetary terms are called pain and suffering.

Special damages include the plaintiff’s past, present, future lost earnings, lost employment benefits, medical bills, and other monetary losses. Alternatively, there are no guidelines for determining the value of pain and suffering. Hence, the judge and the jury use their good sense, experience, and educational background to decide the pain and suffering damages for the plaintiff. Speak to one of our skilled Naples accident lawyers to help you assess the value of your claim.

How can a motorcycle attorney help you?

Hiring one of our experienced accident attorneys in Naples can relieve you from the stress and burden of handling communications and negotiations with the insurance adjuster. Here are some benefits of hiring an accident injury attorney in Naples:

  • They can help you navigate the legal system

An attorney can educate you on how to discuss with the insurance adjuster and assist you with filling the necessary paperwork. Our top-rated personal injury lawyers in Naples, FL, can help you navigate the legal system and educate you on what to expect in your personal injury litigation. An attorney will also help you gather appropriate documentation and interview witnesses to prove negligence.

  • They help you make the best decision

An accident attorney can help you decide if you should accept a settlement or take your case to trial. They may also advise you on when to agree to an offer by determining the value of your claim.

  • They assist in negotiating settlements

It can take plenty of patience, time, and money for you to fight an insurance company. Working with the best injury law firm in Naples, Florida, can relieve you from the burden of handling all the negotiations yourself. Experienced attorneys know when to play hardball and at what point they must accept an offer so that your case does not wind up in court.

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Motorcycle Accident Attorney Naples