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Mendes Weed, LLP, is a leading attorney firm with an experienced and dedicated team of advocates specializing in family, tax, and estate legal matters. Lisa Mendes is a licensed divorce attorney in Orinda with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA). Christina is also a certified specialist in Taxation Law by the State Bar of California.

Benefits Of A Divorce Lawyer

A divorce ranks among the most challenging and stressful phases of life. You may feel too mentally disturbed and emotionally weak to make critical decisions during the process. Having an attorney can help you make wise choices, and they will protect your rights and interests.

Not to mention, attorneys have a good grasp of family law and can help you with the legal proceedings. More importantly, they can make your divorce as peaceful as possible.

How To Hire A Divorce Lawyer?

Look for an attorney specializing in divorce and the issues most pertinent to your situation. Working with an attorney who has served on bar association family-law committees or addressed various bar associations on these topics indicates their knowledge and expertise in those areas.

Find a divorce attorney familiar with the court system in your jurisdiction and the judges. They can help shape your case strategy based on their knowledge of how these judges have ruled different cases in the past.

What Is A Collaborative Divorce?

Those who don’t wish to go to a divorce court can choose the collaborative divorce option. It is an alternative that allows you to have an attorney of your choice, work with your spouse on various issues relating to your divorce, and reach an agreement. You and your spouse must hire separate specially-trained collaborative attorneys to advise and assist you in the divorce process, negotiate a settlement, help you divide your property, and determine the spousal and child support amounts.

In a collaborative divorce, both spouses will sign a no court agreement, meaning you will work together to settle the case. If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement, your attorneys will withdraw before your divorce case goes to court. In such cases, you must find a new attorney and start over. A collaborative divorce involves more than just your attorneys, such as child custody specialists, neutral accountants, etc. 

Should I Hire A Divorce Lawyer?

Most couples contemplating a divorce feel hesitant about hiring an attorney considering the cost. However, you must understand that an experienced local divorce lawyer knows the state laws better than you. Unless you are extremely confident in your abilities to interpret statutes and complete complex legal paperwork, you should hire a divorce attorney for professional guidance and assistance. Divorce attorneys advocate for their clients and help them resolve the case as fast as possible. 

Contact us at 925-390-3222 to hire the best divorce attorney in Orinda, Lisa J. Mendes. Mendes Weed, LLP, has helped thousands of families resolve their disputes and litigations with unsurpassed legal representation. Schedule a free consultation with Lisa and get answers to your complex divorce lawyer questions.

Divorce Attorney Orinda

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