Can an undocumented immigrant recover damages in a personal injury action in California?

Yes. If you are here illegally and are injured as a result of someone’s fault, you have similar rights as a United States citizen or a lawful resident to bring a personal injury action and seek damages under California law. While there were some limitations on recovery of damages by undocumented immigrants, both the courts and legislature recently removed those limitations. A typical personal injury action in California includes several types of damages: 1) medical bills for past treatment; 2) [...]

Fresno, CA - Three Killed, Several Injured in Seven-Car Crash on SR 41

What to do after a hit-and-run accident?

A hit-and-run accident is where a driver intentionally flees the scene whiteout providing contact information or rendering aid. If you are a victim of hit-and-run accident, you may feel confused, angry, and frustrated. However, there are some steps that you can take to help you get through this unfortunate situation more smoothly. 1. Call the emergency number If you need medical assistance, your health and health of people involved in the accident should be an absolute priority. In non-injury accidents, the [...]

What to do if the homeowner insurance company denies or lowballs your claim?

When buying homeowner insurance, you are paying for peace of mind to protect yourself from a financial disaster. The disaster does not have to come in a form of hurricane or tsunami. A ruptured water pipe can cause tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. A small kitchen fire can fill in smoke and make your entire home unlivable. A partial collapse can make the entire structure a total loss. Whatever it is, you turn to [...]

Santa Cruz, CA - Alyssa Roman Killed, Two Injured in Car Accident at Morrissey Blvd & Hwy 1

Do you need an attorney after a car accident?

I am sometimes approached by my friends and clients with a question whether they really need to hire a personal injury lawyer after a car accident. Although I am tempted to say that you need a lawyer in every circumstance to allow my colleagues to have about third of the settlement, the truth is that not every claim requires an attorney. If you have a serious injury, you should probably retain an attorney. However, if you are involved in an [...]

GM Issues Another Recall for 5 Different Defects in 2,7 Million Vehicles

Detroit, MI: Another massive GM Recall has been announced by General Motors Co, this time involving almost 3 million vehicles globally. The recall has been issued to fix five separate safety problems that have allegedly caused injuries and resulted of hundreds of complaints being filed. These recalls are the latest of 24 separate recalls GM has issued so far this year, totally some 12,8 million vehicles worldwide,11,2 million in the US. Additionally, 140,067 new Chevrolet Malibus are included in [...]

If You Are in a Car Accident and Do Not Have Insurance

WHAT IF THE OTHER DRIVER CAUSED THE ACCIDENT? I recently No_Insurancehad a few clients who were injured as a result of an accident caused by another driver. The clients unfortunately did not have insurance. Some forgot to update credit card information with the insurer, some forgot to make a payment to keep the insurance policy valid, and some simply had to feed the family. No payments for pain and suffering If you are temporarily uninsured and under no fault of your own [...]